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Teach English in Canada

Teach English in Canada:

Guide to Teaching in the Premium Canadian ESL Industry

Start your career in Canada’s world-class ESL industry or teach English in Canada after gaining valuable experience abroad. Canadians are lucky to have one of the most thriving and well-respected ESL industries in the world. More than 150,000 international students come to Canada every year to learn English and the demand for TESL Canada certified teachers never ends.

This page will show you everything you need to know about teaching English in Canada! Learn about the top job markets, how to find the right job after completing your TESOL certification , and how to pass the job interview .

Toronto, Canada

Minimum Requirements

90% of language schools in Canada are approved by Languages Canada. In order to be approved by Languages Canada, all ESL teachers must hold TESL Canada accreditation. OnTESOL is the largest provider of TESL Canada Standard 1 and 2 certification courses and our graduates are teaching all throughout the country.

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Job Market

Most TESOL jobs in Canada are found in private language schools.  These schools offer ESL lessons to international students who come from all over the world to learn English in Canada, for periods ranging from three weeks to 12 months.

Canada’s ESL market is the largest among English-speaking countries because the country enjoys a prosperous economy and its cities are some of the most modern and peaceful in the world. Furthermore, most Canadian ESL institutes are recognized by Languages Canada, which sets the standards for management and TESL instruction in Canada, and requires that all teaching staff hold TESL Canada accreditation.

OnTESOL offers free job assistance and resources to help you find your dream ESL teaching job in Canada. The largest ESL markets are in Toronto and Vancouver. Smaller yet significant markets are located in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax. Language schools contact us year-round to tell our graduates about job openings. Some of the employers that we recommend our graduates to work with are CLLC, Quest Language Studies, College Platon, Inlingua, Vancouver International College, and Sprott Shaw.


Language schools: Entry-level ESL teachers earn between $23 and $30 per hour. Minimum requirement: TESL Canada Standard 1 accreditation .

IELTS / TOEFL Preparation Courses: IELTS teachers earn between $25 and $45 per hour. Minimum requirement: TESL Canada Standard 1 accreditation.

LINC Courses: LINC teachers earn between $30 and $50 per hour. Minimum requirement:  TESL Canada Standard 1 in all Canadian provinces except for Ontario, where TESL Ontario OCELT level is required.

The Best Time to Apply for TESOL Jobs in Canada

Language schools cater to international students from a wide range of countries and the majority of students come to Canada in the winter and summer seasons. It is highly recommended to apply for your TESOL job in January or May.

Earn Your TESL Canada Accreditation Online

Online TESOL Courses Recognized by TESL Canada Since 2003


The ESL job market in Toronto is as diverse as the city itself. You can teach English in large organizations with international chains, medium-sized ESL schools with several locations throughout Canada, or family-owned schools.

Experienced teachers who hold an MA in Education or Linguistics and TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 certification are eligible to work in colleges and universities. Although the ESL market is smaller in these cities, you can teach English in surrounding areas such as London, Windsor, Kingston, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa and Guelph.


TEFL TESOL Course in Vancouver

Vancouver is the second largest ESL market in Canada and teachers can find as many well-paid jobs there as in Toronto. Many OnTESOL graduates prefer Vancouver for its mild weather, beautiful ocean, and mighty mountains. Vancouver is known for its laid-back attitude so it is the perfect place for people who prefer to teach English in a large city with a relaxed environment. Victoria, Burnaby, and Kelowna have a number of ESL programs as well.


Teaching English in Calgary - TESOL Calgary

Calgary has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade, resulting in mass migration from other Canadian provinces and even other countries. Many ESL schools have opened in Calgary and surrounding areas;  even TESL Canada recently moved its head office to Calgary. Wages are high and there are beautiful mountains and lakes for those who like the outdoors. One of the benefits of teaching English in Calgary is that you can get away from it all and visit a beautiful lake or park just minutes away from the city.


Many people go to Montreal to learn both French and English, so there are several small and large schools that offer both ESL and French lessons. TESOL teachers can find English teaching jobs in bilingual language schools, colleges, and universities, so it is important to be proficient in French in order to increase your marketability as a language teacher in Montreal.

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