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Coventry House International has been in the Teacher Training field since 1988 with the objective of delivering the highest standards of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) education. Organizations such as Trinity College London, TESL Canada, and TESL Ontario have recognized and accredited Coventry House International TESOL courses over the years.

OnTESOL is an off-spring of Coventry House International and is the result of its members’ goal to contribute to education in general and, more specifically, to TESOL in an online format. All the online courses offered by OnTESOL were designed to meet the highest standards and be eligible for TESL Canada accreditation . TESL Canada has recognized our online courses since 2003.

Our mission is to provide teacher trainees with the tools and credentials they need to become successful ESL teachers and meet job requirements in Canada , the USA , internationally , and online .

About the OnTESOL Method


1. Integrated Skills

Attempts to communicate should be encouraged from the very beginning.  OnTESOL will teach you how to integrate grammar and vocabulary lessons with the development of the four macroskills — speaking, listening, reading and writing –.

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2. Meaning is Paramount

Teaching grammar is a very important part of an ESL class, but writing grammar rules on the board for the students to memorize is ineffective. A grammatical structure may have different meanings and, more importantly, natural language acquisition processes require students to be exposed to memorable real life situations.  All our courses include a comprehensive grammar module and prepare trainees to write at least one communicative grammar lesson plan.

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3. Teaching in Context

Contextualization is a basic premise of the OnTESOL method because meaning cannot be understood out of context. An accredited course by OnTESOL will teach you how to be creative when presenting a grammar point and it will teach you how to use communicative activities for students to practice the newly acquired language point.

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4. Using Authentic Material

What do your favourite movie and song have in common? Grammar! OnTESOL will teach you how to use songs, movies, TV shows, newspaper articles, games, and online media to integrate grammar and vocabulary lessons with speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

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5. Lesson Planning

Lessons planning skills are at the core of an effective curriculum. ESL textbooks are usually ineffective because topics are outdated and activities do not relate to the context that students use when communicating in English. OnTESOL will teach you how to use various lesson planning formats and approaches so that you can create memorable lessons for your students.

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